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Ellie the Bee

The story of Ellie the Bee began from the deep natures of Thailand, made from the milk of rubber trees, where she was perfectly handcrafted amongst her MAM Friends; Lucy, Max and Bob.


Not only does Ellie’s key features encourage increased activity and to enhance babies sensory development, but is also completely safe with BPA and BPS free. So, as parents or mothers and fathers to be, don’t worry! We have the most practical combinations of health, safety and  a strong vision and consideration to the well- being of babies in one product and that’s Ellie the Bee from ‘Developmental Toys’ with MAM. Medically proven functions with stylish modern designs.

Satisfy your baby with their wants and needs. Guarantee your baby will  have a new bright buzz buddy. That will keep your little one entertained through their months of growth.

Approved by 200 mothers and babies with positive responses and approvals. This new bumble bee will soon to fly sky high, as MAM is recognisable globally in over 58 countries, over 5 continents and used by families world wide. Thinking of joining the trendsetters of MAM? Why not sign up to our MAM Club here are just a few of our benefits:

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